Kurd or Annaziska

The Kurd scale is a version of a complete natural minor scale. It is a diatonic minor scale, where the lower fifth and sixth help to create both basic root and 6th chords progressions. It has lately become famous thanks to one of the best players around, Sam Maher, who showed how the 9 notes version scale can be used to build a bass/drum line supporting a melodic section. Along with the Aeolian scale is one of the most complete handpan scales.
handpan scale kurd
Versions available:

– C#/ G# A B C# D# E F# G# *
– D/ A Bb C D E F G A *
– D#/ A# B C# D# E# F# G# A# *
– E/ B C D E F# G A B *
– F/ C Db Eb F G Ab Bb C *

* The 8 notes version is also available, please contact us for more information

handpan scale kurd 2
handpan scale kurd 3
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