Handpan Store

Welcome to our handpan store!

In this page, you will find the scales we make and the instruments that are currently available in stock. Each scale description is completed with a brief music theory explanation, an audio sample of the handpan scale, and where available the YouTube videos of the instruments we have built so far. If you wish to make an order for a customized handpan, please browse through the scales and contact us for a quotation.

The pictures you will find for every scale are just examples of handpans we have made, they are not scale-related. Every instrument is a unique product, they can be made with or without engravings and the design can be planned with you.

The handpans are all made in hydroformed, nitrided, DC04 steel, or in stainless steel, diameter 53 cm + 1 cm rim.

If you are a Handpanmaker, follow this link for our materials and tools store.

Click here to try the HaganeNote Handpan Virtual Instrument

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