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The Hijaz scale is a version of an harmonic minor scale, with its peculiar sound recalling Arabic melodies and atmospheres. It can be considered both a Phrygian dominant scale, the typical Flamenco mode, but also as a Myxolidian b2 b13 scale, perfectly fitting the sounds of Flamenco progressions. It can be played over several tonal centers, in minor and major scales, creating different chords and melodies. Played with a Kurd, it can be the perfect complement to play over several scale modes and many music genres and styles. Check this link for an in-depth analysis of the Hijaz-Flamenco relation (Spanish languange document).

The difference between the two versions is the following:

  • Ver. 1 has the fifth of the scale on the Ding, a note that melodically resolves up a fourth towards the lower side note. This emphasizes the sound of the Phrygian dominant scale, as the root note of this mode is clearly perceived just executing the ascending scale starting from the first note. As the Ding is the fifth, it builds up tension towards such root note.
  • Ver. 2 has the root note of the scale on the Ding. This highlights the sound of the original harmonic minor scale, creating a I – V – VI – VII progression from the Ding progressively to the other notes. These notes are very characteristic when thinking about an harmonic minor scale.
Ver. 1
– D/ G Ab B C D Eb F G *
– D#/ G# A B# C# D# E F# G# *
– E/ A Bb C# D E F G A *
– F/ Bb Cb D Eb F Gb Ab Bb
– F#/ B C D# E F# G A B *
– G/ C Db E F G Ab Bb C *
– G#/ C# D E# F# G# A B C# *
– A/ D Eb F# G A Bb C D *
Ver. 2
– C/ G Ab B C D Eb F G *
– C#/ G# A B# C# D# E F G# *
– D/ A Bb C# D E F G A *
– Eb/ Bb Cb D Eb F Gb Ab Bb *
– E/ B C D# E F# G A B *
– F/ C Db E F G Ab Bb C *
– F#/ C# D E# F# G# A B C# *
– G/ D Eb F# G A B# C D *
* The 8 notes version is also available, please contact us for more information
handpan scale hijaz 2
handpan scale hijaz 3
Carlos playing the Haganenote stainless steel E Hijaz handpan