Magic Voyage

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The Magic Voyage scale is a pentatonic version of a minor scale, very similar to the Low Pygmy scale. In this version, it has its root note on the Ding, the minor 3rd, perfect 5th and minor 7th, and then its major 2nd. The main difference compared to the Low Pygmy is the displacement of the major 2nd, which is in the fourth octave in this version.

This scale emphasizes the first, minor 7th chord, and then there reappears the display of the Low Pygmy, but an octave above. Check our Low Pygmy page for a quick comparison.

The Magic Voyage scale is as dreamy and effective, a beautiful pentatonic with deep and sustained harmonics.

Versions available:

– E/ G B D E F# G B D (9 notes version)
– F/ Ab C Eb F G Ab C
– F#/ A C# E F# Ab A C#
– G/ Bb D F G A Bb D

handpan scale magic voyage 2
handpan scale magic voyage 3