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The Mystic scale is a form of an hexatonic natural minor scale. The missing tone is again the perfect fourth, the same situation of the Integral scale. The difference is that the Mystic handpan has the minor seventh as the last and highest sounding note of the scale, dividing the register of the handpan in two sections, a lower one with the presence of the perfect fifth and minor sixth, and a higher one where the other notes of the scale contribute to underline a melody built over the persistent sound of the root note.

handpan scale mystic

Versions available:

– C#/ G# A C# D# E G# B *
– D/ A Bb D E F A C *
– Eb/ Bb B Eb F Gb Bb Db *

* The 9 notes version is also available, please contact us for more information

handpan scale celtic minor 2
handpan scale celtic minor 3