In this article, we’re going to learn how to DIY-make the note magnets that are used to draw the notes on the shell or to dampen or mute their sound when we need it.

The magnetic paper can be bought online, either with one side printable using a common inkjet printer or not. Such magnetic papers can have different thickness, but it really does not matter as thin papers will work as well as thicker ones. They can all be cut using a common paper cutter or scissors.

As for the sizes, every maker has their own favorite depending on the material and on the making skills; the dimples as well can change, preferring them to be oval or rounded, bigger or smaller in relation to the note-field.

There are some easy ways to make them, and we’ll see three of them:

– using software programs like Illustrator;

– using the old pencil, ruler, compass and paper;

– making them out of the steel press note molds if we have them.


If you are familiar with drawing software like Illustrator, check this video to learn how to draw the note magnets:

If you prefer to use pencil, ruler and compass, you can check this interesting video:

Or you can check this resources:

Or if you have the press note molds, you can cut them out directly from the steel mold using a simple paper cutter, like in this video: