We made our second (E) Hijaz, which by the way is a D harmonic minor scale. The stainless steel we are using is wonderful, not so easy to tune as it is quite nervous but the result is amazing! It gives you many hints on how to improve your tuning ability, where to hit and how much hard you should hit. In the last few days, Elisa an I have been improvising with the Spanish cajon Lopez de la Higuera made by David, our friend and workshop host. Well, Elisa has just started playing music instruments, she used to play the guitar but she dropped it some years ago, but now she’s found a renewed interest in playing!

Some time ago, I bought a very old electric guitar, an Aria JS Pro II, in very bad conditions, I had to fix the nut to be able to play it. But now that Elisa is back to guitar and percussion playing, we bought new pots and strings, and we’re fixing it! So, handpan, cajon and two guitars, practicing some D harmonic minor tunes we’re composing! The downside of being small builders is that you never get a handpan for yourself, as we play the ones we build to test the stability and then it’s time for the handpan to reach its legitimate owner! It is cool we receive orders and we’re happy that our customers are so marveled when they have their handpan and start playing it! This weekend we are practicing a tune with the guitar and the handpan, and I think it’s going to sound nice!

stainless steel handpan Hijaz
Playing cajon and handpan